Sheri Williams

Owner/Kindermusik Educator

When I was a little girl my Mom signed me up for piano lessons, just like my sisters before me. I loved learning and playing the piano, but I had a problem with practicing. Getting me to practice the piano was like pulling teeth for my mother. One day she was done (a feeling that most mothers have felt sometime). I was given an ultimatum. I drop out of piano lessons, or continue with lessons and promise to practice the piano every day. I decided to continue with lessons. My mother had me sign a contract and everything. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have learned music as a child/youth. I kept my end of the contract, and can now sit down at the piano and fill my heart with joy. I have a lifelong love of music, and my goal is to give children the same opportunity I had, and let music fill their souls. I am a Kindermusik trained expert in music and child development.  I am a mother of five (!) active boys, and am working on a psychology degree at the University of Regina, with an interest in child and adolescent development. I look forward to working with you and your family.